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It’s all about pork – Danish pork

The award-winning Meat Masterclass learning programme run by the Danish Agriculture and Food Council was voted an unqualified success by the recent group of participants.

The full week course, which won the Best Training Initiative for 2016 by Food Management Today magazine, attracted participants from Danish companies and their customers, with backgrounds ranging from production and technical, to wholesale and commercial.

The varied programme is designed to give the participants a thorough insight into Danish pig production and included hands-on butchery training at the renowned Danish Meat Trade College, a visit to Danish Crown’s slaughterhouse in Horsens, a farm visit, a sausage-making “experience” at the Copenhagen-based deli/restaurant Gourmandiet and presentations on meat quality, animal welfare, food safety and other key areas of Danish pig production.

Although the week was learning intensive, there was still time to explore the delights of Denmark and, in particular, Danish cuisine. Hot-dogs, open sandwiches and pork in its many guises went down a treat!

On the final morning, the delegates were divided into two groups and asked to give their feedback on the week’s experience. The general consensus was that the course had more than met expectations and that the mixture of theory and practice was a highly effective way of embedding information.

“We found it hard to pinpoint a low point, which we were asked to do,” reported the first group. “Quality and pride was apparent in everyone we met and we learned a ridiculous amount. It was also great to see how the co-operative system works and how technically advanced the farm was.”

The second group were keen to return to the UK to address some of the inaccurate perceptions about the Danish pig industry and to communicate the fact that in a number of areas, the Danes lead the way.

“The atmosphere throughout the week was extremely positive,” says Rob Smith, UK Market Director, Danish Agriculture and Food Council. “We are now ten years into the programme but the enthusiasm of the participants remains as strong as ever. The Class of 2017 were a great bunch of people who were determined to get the maximum out of the programme. They will be great ambassadors for the Danish industry, which means that one of the main objectives of the programme has been achieved.”